Jill Katz, owner

Jill Katz, owner Katz & Mouse

With over twenty years' experience in visual design and the technical expertise to handle everything from five-page sites to e-commerce and Content Management Systems.



Katz & Mouse is committed to developing and maintaining long-term, professional service with our clients. Whether your company desires an informational web site describing your services or an eCommerce solution with hundreds of catalog items, Katz & Mouse delivers a reliable, high-quality web site.


Katz & Mouse Philosophy

How do you distinguish yourself among the many interesting web sites competing on the internet? Hire Katz & Mouse to develop a unique web site with a blend of artistic beauty and technical elegance that attract — and hold — viewers.


Katz & Mouse is a web design company with offices in Santa Barbara and San Francisco, CA. The proprietor and head designer, Jill Katz has over twenty years' experience in print and Web design. Combining these skills with the array of talent that comprises her associates, Katz & Mouse provides the technical expertise to handle everything from five-page Web sites to e-commerce solutions and content management systems.



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